The Experience

Isha Vidhya is an endeavor of tremendous magnitude. But taking on seemingly impossible tasks is nothing new for Isha Foundation, which has experience initiating many humanitarian efforts across the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. These efforts include:

  • Action for Rural Rejuvenation
  • A holistic, multi-pronged outreach program that enhances existing indigenous models of health to improve the physical and emotional well being of people in over 54,00 Tamil Nadu villages.

    A social outreach project designed to revive rural Indian crafts and empower rural women by offering them free contemporary craft training, avenues to market their products and a chance to earn a livelihood.

  • Project Green Hands
  • (
    A volunteer-based environmental initiative aimed at promoting and protecting the biodiversity of Tamil Nadu by planting an estimated 114 million saplings over the next ten years.

The Isha team understands the challenges and obstacles it must surmount to achieve the objectives of an enormous rural education project like Isha Vidhya. With experienced volunteer networks developed through other Isha projects, the Isha Vidhya team has the strong support necessary to make the project a success.