It was so wonderful to see the entire school full of laughter and fun, a rare sight in rural schools! I was surprised that even L.K.G. children learn through the computer, something even city schools do not have.

Vinod Hari,


The enthusiasm, respect and love in this school is palpable. Here’s to many more of its kind! All the very best on this endeavor.

Love, Ritva Porter
Atlanta, Georgia, USA


The smiles on all the children’s faces tell the whole story. Sitting with them and eating a fresh, varied, nutritious lunch that was healthier than what I’d eat in the US, I heard that favorite subjects were science and English – not “free time” like kids often say at home! I look forward to seeing this educational possibility spread throughout the region.

Claire H. Smith
New York, NY, USA


I am thoroughly impressed with the school. The staff is extremely courteous and the children are bubbling with life. Mrs. Deepa and Mrs. Pushpavalli have been very kind and helpful in telling me about the school and about the future plans.
I wish the school all success.
Thank you,

Chandra Sekhar
Rotary Club, Chennai Mamsalam


What an experience for both of us! The children are extremely willing - it's a school with hardworking and willing teachers and other staff - along with witty and clever children. We are so glad we had the time to teach here; unfortunately we didn't have enough time to make a considerable difference. Will definitely stay in touch with the staff and the school! (Especially the great principal)!

Keiran and Amika
Volunteer teachers