Scholarships: 2,100
Dollar Amount: $504,000
 Scholarships: 1,271
Dollar Amount: $305,040

Isha Vidhya

Isha Vidhya is committed to raising the level of rural literacy by providing affordable, high-quality education where it is otherwise unavailable.

The schools are designed to build confident, English-speaking, computer adept youth, on par with students from good urban schools. Students will graduate prepared to purse higher education and employment in the best colleges and corporate institutions.

For more information about Isha Vidhya visit

The Numbers

250 million  school-aged children in India
100 million school-aged children not enrolled in school
$15,000 average cost for one year of private elementary school in the US
$2,400 average cost to a family for one year of public elementary school in the US
$240 provides one full year of education per child with Isha Vidhya
$1 less than one dollar a day out of your pocket will pay for a child's education
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  "Tell a Friend" Scholarship Drive
June is the start of the new academic year in India.

Get involved with the "Tell a Friend" Scholarship Drive

Isha Vidhya's scholarships are entirely need-based and cover tuition, books, notebooks and nutritional health supplements. The scholarships represent a truly life-changing opportunity for many of our students who would otherwise not be able to attend school.

We invite you to become a part of the Isha Vidhya "Tell a Friend" Scholarship Drive by giving the gift of education AND committing to get at least one additional person to donate. Here's all you have to do:

1. Donate
2. Spread the word to all your friends and community
3. Commit to getting at least one additional person to donate

That's it! It's as easy as 1-2-3!

No donation is too small. If you cannot afford to fund a full scholarship, simply donate what you are able to give. Every donation gets us closer to our goal and our next generation educated!

Total Raised Offline : 664 scholarships
Total Raised Online : 607 scholarships
Grand Total : 1,271 scholarships
Online Donors to date:
Display Name Date Amount    Message
Navya Harika2011-11-03$50
Anonymous2011-10-25Rs.1000i bow down to my guru...
S VIVEKANANDAN2011-07-26Rs.1000Donation on remembrance of my younger sister Dr.S.Yogambal,who had attained the lotus feet of God
Abdul Aziz Buang2011-07-09$240
Haripriya Singaram2011-07-01Rs.500I want to donate this small amount to School children...
daivanai somasundaram2011-06-28$240
rajalakshmi manickam2011-06-28$240
SP RAMASAMY2011-06-05$240
Pradyun Bhaskar2011-05-07$240I am happy to be a part of this campaign for a noble cause
Ramya Nageswaran2011-05-05$240
Sowmya Sathyanarayanan2011-05-02$3840
Prasanthi Guda2011-04-26$480Renewal of scholarships - NGK10254 (Sabari Giri), NGK10255 (S.Veni)
Aparna Sivakumar2011-04-21$240
Anonymous2011-04-11Rs.10000This is for Dharma.A - SGP10185. Thanks a lot for giving me this oppurtunity to help a child.
MEGALAI J2011-04-07Rs.10000
Ramakrishna Nannapaneni2011-04-01$240This is a great mission. Sadhguru work will create so many empowering individuals who will help India and the World in the 21st Century.
Priya Vadhula2011-03-29$50
Divya Jain2011-03-16$240
Raaj Pradeep2011-03-07Rs.10000Great Job!!
Tanuja Prakash2011-02-20Rs.1000Verry happy to donate for this noble cause...all prevailing disturbances in our country can be eradicated by proper education and oppertunities..
J. Sathyamoorthy2011-02-18Rs.10000This is a great initiative.
Anya Prakash2011-02-16$240
Samay Prakash2011-02-16$240
Anonymous2011-01-29$480Thank You.
Doraisamy Raveendran2011-01-21$240As a volunteer I shall do my best to find more donors to Isha Vidya.
Ramesh Krishnamurthy2011-01-20$240
Senthil Kumar2011-01-20$240
Kanagarajan P2011-01-19Rs.10000
Vasanth Kumar S2011-01-19$240
Shantha Seshadri2011-01-18$240
Ellango Narayanan2011-01-18$240
Hariharan Vaidyanathan2011-01-17$480
Raghavendran2011-01-11Rs.10000It would be more better, if a girl child gets education with this amount....
Ilango Chandrasekaran2011-01-10Rs.10000
Kumarakurubaran Balasubramanian2011-01-06$240
Shobha Tsering Bhalla2011-01-06$240
Ravikumar kandasamy2010-12-30Rs.250Happy new year. All the best
Srinivasan K2010-12-24$240
Vasu2010-12-20$600With the matching $600 from my company, the total money should be able to provide scholarship for 5 children.
Neha and Howard Robinson2010-12-19$240Please update me on child and send yearly reminders to donate.
Shanmugam2010-12-11$400Please spend this amount for children education.
Meenu Sharma2010-12-06$480This is for the following children 1.Gowtham V - VIL10045 2.Aravind N - VIL10046 thanks
Sivalingaiah Krottapalli2010-12-02$240
P S Kumaran2010-12-02Rs.1500Food for my child
Balu prasanna2010-11-30Rs.5000My best wishes
Subramanian Raju2010-11-16$240
Ravi Raju2010-11-16$240
Mohan Sundaram2010-11-14Rs.1500Its childrens day today. Hope this goes in some way to make a difference to a child.
Kader2010-11-14Rs.1000I watched video documentary on youtube , isha vidhya really rocks...All the best & Pl.keep going !
Shankar Manickam2010-11-12$100Best wishes to Isha Vidhya
Anonymous2010-11-07Rs.1000I feel fulfilled to donate for needy people
MURALIMOHAN2010-11-04Rs.2000I am very gratefull for the opportunity to donate Isha Vidhya