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Make a Difference in a Child's Life... Give the Gift of Education!


No donation is too small, send a child to school on less than a dollar a day and change their life forever.

Dear Friends,

On my visit to India earlier this year, I was touched seeing the opportunity provided to under-privileged children in southern India by a non-profit called Isha Education. I met the children at one of the Isha Vidhya Matriculation Schools and was completely impressed with their level of education and joy for life. Just a few dollars donation can open this opportunity to many more children. I invite you to give the gift of education to an underprivileged child: With just a few dollars, you too can make a huge impact in a child's life!

Did you know that almost 100 million children in Indian cannot read or write? Many children from poor families never have the opportunity to receive formal education, and without education, they are denied the means to pull themselves and their families out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Isha Vidhya has built 6 schools, and presently provides education for 2000 children. In June 2010, the 7th school will open and new students will be admitted in the current schools, so a total of 3000 children will be at the schools. Attending Isha Vidhya has made a significant difference in these children's approach to life and education.

I invite you to join in this effort. I've made it a goal to raise 500 scholarships before the end of June. $240 will sponsor a child for one full year of education, which is less than a $1 a day!

Please make your contribution by clicking on the link below. And, please share this site with your friends and family! All donations will go directly towards sponsoring a child's education. To find out more, visit www.ishavidhya.org

Thanks for your support!



Online Donors to date:

No. Date Scholarship Message
124/02/2014 $280I am already sponsoring this childs education S.No: 1 Name: Priyanka B Scholarship No: NGK0722/13 Could the donation again go to her if possible. Thank you.
217/02/2013 $10om namah shivaya
323/10/2012 $25
401/07/2011 $11.11111111111111I want to donate this small amount to School children...
819/12/20101Please update me on child and send yearly reminders to donate.
911/12/2010 $400Please spend this amount for children education.
1012/11/2010 $100Best wishes to Isha Vidhya
1218/08/20102Kindly remind me next year for donation
1313/08/20101I am happy to be able to sponsor a child for a full year of scholarship