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Lakshmi's Page

My Story:

Namaskaram, and thanks for visiting my page.

I am originally from India and have been working in the USA for the past 10 years as a software professional. I strongly believe in Isha Yoga, and truly appreciate Isha's commitment and services to rural India. I feel passionate about supporting their projects, especially the education of rural children.

While India's economy booms, educational opportunities remain out of reach for large numbers in rural India. Children from poor families, especially girls, often cannot travel to nearby towns to attend school each day and boarding schools are too expensive. Establishing schools where rural children can obtain holistic education will uplift their lives, their family's well being, and ultimately, our whole nation.

I have taken on the goal of fund raising enough money to sponsor the construction of a full Isha Vidhya School. However, I will not be able to accomplish this noble task without your help.

I appeal to each of you to make a generous contribution towards achieving this goal. Each dollar or rupee contributed through this website will go directly towards building an Isha Vidhya school. All the donations are tax deductible.

Together, we can all help provide basic education to every needy child.


Online Donors to date:

Display Name Date Amount Message
Balasubramanian Velusamy01/04/2012$10Its a small amount;like to contribute this amount every month...
Satish Kumar04/03/2010$22Great Coz
Sarfraz Nayeem12/11/2009$40Wish everyone follow Sadhguru s path
Pratyush Padarha31/10/2009$56Great Initiative.
Kannan Muthusamy08/10/2009$111Isha volunteer from Hyderabad.
Shifang Sun03/09/2009$20
Prabu Arumugam31/08/2009$100
Sarfraz Nayeem31/08/2009$30Good luck
Srinivas Kappaganthu31/08/2009$22
Candy Cotton27/08/2009$20
Li Lin25/08/2009$20Good Luck
Himabindu Kolapalli25/08/2009$250
Sangeeta Chitambar24/08/2009$50
Harshida Kansara23/08/2009$25
Pranav Prabu21/08/2009$10
Geetha Hari20/08/2009$25
Vincent Ogonor20/08/2009$10
Jerry Pei19/08/2009$20Good Luck
Zhang Qing19/08/2009$30Good luck
Liu Li19/08/2009$20I have kids my own. I am glad to help other kids. Good Luck.
Huang Ping19/08/2009$10Good Luck
Prakash Balakrishnan13/08/2009$111Wish You all the best. Help India Growing. This will be the stepping stone to eradicate illiteracy in India. I Pray that Almighty Will Be With You And Richly Bless You to Bring More and More Success In This Effort.
Satish & Ramakrishna13/08/2009$22Great Cause.
Ram J12/08/2009$25Great cause...Good luck.
VietZilla nguyen11/08/2009$25I like the HTML input form. Did Lawanda do that?
Pramod Sajja10/08/2009$500All the best on your journey to this noble cause.
Prakash Annamraju09/08/2009$100
Kalpana B07/08/2009$51
Min Shi06/08/2009$10I am from China and very impressed with the project taken by Isha. I wish good luck in this effort.
Pradeep Macharla06/08/2009$22
Anu Prabu05/08/2009$25
Lakshmi Balasubramanian05/08/2009$101
Lakshmi Balasubramanian30/07/2009$25