Build classrooms, build the nation!

“If we do not skill India,

we will kill India. “

– Sadhguru

Concerned citizens working with NGOs on social issues will connect with Give India, the largest online donation platform in India that Isha Vidhya got accredited with last year, in a fund-raising event called

'India Giving Challenge'
9th September to 31st
October 2014

Help make Isha Vidhya achieve Champion League status. Only the first 20 NGO that raise more than 3 lakhs will make it. Act now, any Rs. 200 count!

We need to build a total of 47 classrooms @ Rs. 7,62,000 each to accommodate our students moving up into higher secondary soon, totaling a whopping $68,000.

Will you support us?

- spread the word to your friends, colleagues, family and relatives

- inspire your organization to contribute on our iGive page or set up your own

- check updates on our facebook page to stay tuned on the campaign success

Each day, we can win bonus funds based on the support you give us.


For more information contact
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+91-9489045045 or +91-422-4272740