Skip-a-Meal… Educate a Child

Every Wednesday Night. Join!

“It is very important that the children realize there are people in the world, who have enough concern in their hearts to contribute towards their well-being. It is most important that a child grows up with this trust in humanity.“

– Sadhguru




Yes, unfortunately it is a reality. Many rural children in India still neither enjoy quality education nor a proper meal. But you can change it! Join us in this campaign.


How it works. Every week, almost all of you enjoy about 21 full-fledged meals and any number of snacks. Now, imagine, with the equivalent of 1 meal, you can empower an underprivileged child to receive a quality education!


Join and skip just 1 meal a week, every Wednesday night.
Donate the amount you would have spent to Isha Vidhya.
See a child blossom and get out of the cycle of poverty.


How you can participate
Get a ‘Skip-a-Meal’ sticker and fix it around a box you like. Every time you skip a meal, put the money you have saved into that box. Once the box is full, you can either:


  • Deposit your cash contribution at your local centre or Isha Vidhya Office or directly into the Isha Education bank account.  

  • Authorize a recurring monthly contribution via ECS.To download the form Click here or contact your local Isha coordinator. Choose “Education” as the purpose for the donation on the form.

  • Donate online


For more information
Contact your Isha Vidhya team at
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+91-422-4272740 or +91-9442544458